SWR Pipes & Fittings

CAPTAIN PIPES is one of the leading names in offering wide ranges of SWR Drainage and Sewage Pipes & fittings. These piping systems are widely used in both the residential and commercial areas and are efficiently used for eliminating removal of waste without any blockage and damage. Being highly resistant to all kinds of harmful chemicals and corrosion, the pipes offer long lasting and durable services. It is available in both push as well as ring system.

Salient Features & Benefits

  • Superior Quality standards and wide range
  • Extra stronger and longer lasting
  • Free from Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Greater resistance of Ultra Violet (UV) degradation
  • Light in weight, thus reducing transportation, handling and installation costs
  • Quick and productive removal of waste without leakages
  • Trouble free functioning saves on inspection and maintenance costs
  • Cost Effectives


  • It is suitable for soil, waste and rain water
  • It is used to maintain the flow of waste and rain water in the individual houses, high-rise building, complexes etc.
  • It is also suitable to drain out the industrial wastage in chemical plants, sugar plants, milk and food processing plants
  • It work as best alternative to the asbestos cement and cast iron systems as they are light in weight and easy to install