uPVC Casing Pipes

Best quality uPVC casing pipe for borewell application from Captain.


  • Suitable for bore or tube well supplies
  • Light weight offers total economy in handling, tranportation & installation
  • Seamless, strong & resilient
  • Longer lasting PVC is free from weakness caused by formation, rusting and weathering
  • Economically
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Maximum ambient temperature : 70° C
  • Maximum installation depth - 80m to 250m
  • It can be installed Vertical inclined


  • Domestic wells, irrigation wells, industrial wells and mines
  • Waste Water (drainage & sewage)
  • Urban and Rural areas drinking water scheme


Product Name : uPVC Casing Pipes
Range : 40 mm to 315 mm Outer Diameter
Standard : IS 12818:2010
Colour : Regular Blue
Length : Available in 3 & 6 Meters
Grade : CM & CS
Types : Socketed pipe with thread ended

Plain Pipes

These can be used as extension pipes to screen pipe. They are two types:

  • C.S. Pipe: For Shallow-Depth (up to 80m) Red Colour Code
  • C.M. Pipe: For Medium-Depth (up to 250m) Yellow Colour Code

Screen Pipes

These pipes may be plain or ribbed. They have transverse slots and are mainly used in bore well, from the water-table Level onwards

Ribbed Screen Pipes

These pipes have longitudinal ribs and transverse slots. The ribs keep granulated soil away from the slots, and increase the permeability rating to more than double when compared plain screen pipes.