uPVC Column Pipes | uPVC Borehole Pipes

Captain is a leading manufacturer and exporter of uPVC column pipes which are also known as borehole pipe, riser pipe or drop pipe for submersible pump. Today, our column pipes are being used for bores with depths upto 1,500 feet across various countries. Our column pipes come with a patented in-built locking mechanism for coupler (without any cut/break on pipe) which ensures safety of pipes and couplers even in extreme conditions. Our column pipes are exported to countries across Africa (Kenya, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, South Africa), Europe (Italy, Greece), Asia (Saudi Arabia, Yemen), North America (Mexico) and Latin America (Chile).

Why Captain Column Pipes?

In-Built Automatic Locking System

  • In this, the coupler is fitted to the pipe through special automatic locking system to prevent thread slippage during assembly and dismantling process of pipe
  • The advantage of this system is, it cannot be unthreaded and dismantled and provide rigid locking
  • It also increases the life of the submersible pump
Captain uPVC Column Pipes - In-Built Automatic Locking System

Square Threads

  • The coupler and pipe joints have square threads machined using CNC machine to maintain accuracy for taking high load with no slippage of threads
  • Due to this, it is very easy to assemble and dismantle column pipe as well as provide extra strength to the pipe
  • It reduces the loosening of joints during ON/OFF of submersible pumpset
  • This unique square thread provide sufficient grip and additional strength against tensile load
Captain uPVC Column Pipes - Square Threads

Bi-Axial Orientation

  • Specially design Bi-Axial design tools in column pipe extrusion process to ensure the PVC molecular chain gets linear and diametrically oriented which gives higher impact strength to the pipes
Captain uPVC Column Pipes - Bi-Axial Orientation

Thick and Thin Portion of Pipe

  • The technique for making column pipes thicker in the threading end to compensate for material due to threads. The residual thickness in the end part after removal of the same as barrel thickness, therefore the pipe strength remains the same
  • This technique saves raw material consumption also provides much higher strength to the pipes
  • This portion has been developed in order to absorb the full torque produced from motor, thus resulting in long life
Captain uPVC Column Pipes - Thick and Thin Portion of Pipe


  • Made up of high quality virgin PVC Material
  • Square threads of pipes are best design and manufactured in CNC machine in order to provide accuracy and quality
  • Square threads gives a very high load holding capacity and it do not rust
  • The "O" ring is made up of high efficient rubber provide leak proof joints
  • The thick and thin portion of pipes has been developed to provide higher strength to pipes
  • Rigid with high impact resistance


  • Suitable for rising water using submersible pumps in Borewell
  • Suitable for Jet Pump for irrigation and domestic usage
  • Excellent alternatives of MS, ERW, HDPE and SS Pipes
  • Ideally suitable for Normal, Cold, Clean, Salty and sandy aggressive water
  • Suitable for use as a movable pumping system


  • Odourless & Hygienic, so suitable for potable water supply
  • High Izod impact and tensile strength
  • High torque resistant
  • 100% leak proof with high flow rate
  • Economically satisfied as it is cost effective
  • Minimum Frictional loss
  • Light in weight hence handling, transportation and installation becomes much easier
  • Non-corrosive, seamless, strong and resilient
  • Rigid in nature with longer life
  • 25% higher discharge compare to G.I. Pipes
  • Low installation cost


Product Name : uPVC Column Pipes / Drop Pipes / Riser Pipes / Borehole Pipes
Range : 1" to 6" Outer Diameter (25mm to 150mm Nominal Diameter)
Colour : White
Length : Available in 3 & 6 Meters
Types :
(1) Tiny (5) Standard Deluxe Plus
(2) Medium Deluxe Plus (6) Standard
(3) Medium (7) Heavy
(4) Standard Deluxe (8) Super Heavy